Raising the Bar

Snazzy Bar Cart Set-Ups

These days retro decor is as ubiquitous as it was back when it was first introduced in the ’50′s (although then it was called “new,” and Victorian was called “retro”). A modern love of mid-century design spawns from the popularity of shows like Mad Men and vintage online retailers like ModCloth, not to mention Macklemore’s ode to discovering awesome old-fashioned pieces. Speaking of (an) old-fashioned—a particular retro decor item has recently been brought back into vogue: the bar cart. Beautifully snazzy and (literally) intoxicating, the bar cart is a great throwback item that insists, “Design me!” If you’re looking for some inspiration for living room makeovers, here are some bar cart set-ups that we believe are, bar none, the best out there. Now you can have a decked out spirits station that even Draper would approve.

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