You May Not Be Able to Wear White After Labor Day, But Your Home Can

by Kelly Anne Bonner Apparently, the origins of the rule about wearing white after Labor Day are relatively unclear. According to Time, etiquette historians have looked over the reasons they think might have spurred the tradition into a hard-and-fast custom, but dispute remains as to the exact grounds for eschewing the color even among scholars. What's interesting is that despite its sketchy origins, the old-fashioned notion even proceeds into the present day, and [...]

This is How You Do a Staycation

by Mark Cutler So the last long weekend of the summer is here, and a lot of the kids are already back in school. In that case, you may not be up for a trip away—but don’t sweat it, as there are probably a ton of things in your own hometown that you have never tried, so todays Master’s Class is dedicated to designing a staycation in your own home for [...]

Planking Is Back, and It's Taking Over Your Bathtub

by Kelly Anne Bonner Remember #planking? That trend where people lie flat in unusual (sometimes dangerous) situations, and broadcasted a snapshot of their accomplishment? Yeah, we didn't really get it either when it was popular, and now we only recall it in the name of a new home decor trend that's way less dangerous and way more relaxing. In bathtubs across America (in this case "America" translates to "Pinterest"), wooden planks are [...]

Watch the Game in Style with Wit & Delight's New Collection for Target

by Kelly Anne Bonner Even if you're not on a fantasy football team, one can't deny the appeal of an excuse to throw a kickback. And by "kickback," we mean a festive gathering with all the game day essentials—beer, pretzels, the works—contained in only the most tasteful and attractive of pieces. On September 14, your solution to the perfect mix of casual yet cool design for such a party will be solved in [...]

Lighten Up: Bright Lab By Oh Happy Day! Lets Your Customize Your Own Colorful String Lights

By Eva Recinos We already love everything we see on Oh Happy Day! and now we've got one more reason to love Jordan Ferney: a new string light product called Bright Lab. The new seriously adorable line takes the idea of string lights one step further by letting you customize your own lights. With gorgeous pictures for inspiration, you can play with moods or themes of light sets. We already love a great set [...]