The Blanket Trend That's Taking Bedrooms By Storm

by Kelly Anne Bonner Imagine a sequin-bedecked blanket in the most gorgeous of pale colors. Heather and charcoal grays, eggshells and ivories—you get the gist. Plus, tufts of soft fur incorporated throughout. What we just described is not actually a perfectly-crafted throw formulated by designers and engineers, but rather a fascinating bit of cultural history that hails from the Berbers of Northern Africa. Moroccan wedding blankets, though gaining in popularity due to their unique [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Styling and Organizing Your Dorm

By Eva Recinos It's that time of the year again: time to pack your life into a few suitcases and figure out how to organize it in a small dorm once you take it out again. Nothing beats living on — or near — campus, but the challenge is creating a room that can store all your things while still feeling like a home. Not only do you want to keep [...]

These Instagrammers Are Making #westelmhack a Thing—And We Dig It

Instagrammed Over the Weekend

You may have caught, just a little while ago, our roundup of #IKEAhacks, which, to say the least, featured some of the most striking and ingenious little ways to dress up pieces we've seen. But, as trends on the visual social platform that is Instagram wax and wane, we realize that was so two weeks ago. The latest to pass through our feed? The hashtag #westelmhack, which, much like the IKEA version, features West [...]

Moodboard of the Week: A Timeless, Subtle Look Done Right

timeless with a twist This week's featured moodboard was one that we just wished we could crawl into and live there, forever. Created by user EricaLewisDesigns1573, the design reflects a classic taste with a few subtle twists. In their own words, described as, "Timeless and comfortable bedding with a hint of pattern distributed around the room," we love the soft, bone-and-fawn colored pieces mixed in with striking accents. Comfortable, but not [...]

In the Mood for Some Summer DIY? Here Are Our Youtube Video Picks

By Eva Recinos Sometimes you just can't quite find what you need in stores. Maybe the price just doesn't look right, or perhaps the colors don't fit your style. The solution? Say it with us: just DIY it! We've been feeling especially crafty lately, and it might have something to do with the bright colors of summer. If you share the sentiment, we gathered a few inspirational DIY videos for a range [...]