One Room, Three Looks: A Serene and Simple Home Yoga Room

by Kelly Anne Bonner It's not always easy to find a tranquil spot in your home. Amid the chaos of disorganized shelves, laundry that still needs to be taken care of, dishes to do in the sink, and even the stuff you set down after coming home from work, locating a quiet place to sit and meditate is like trying to convince yourself you'll clean the whole house this weekend: possible, but probably not [...]

Take a Peek at Reese Witherspoon's Ultra-Chic Home—Before it's Sold

By Eva Recinos There's no arguing that Reese Witherspoon knows a thing or two about style. So it comes as no surprise that her family home looks nothing else than chic. Even thought the actress is selling her home, we're totally entranced by many photos its rooms, and the airy, casual vibe we would expect from her based on her similar fashion choices. Each room in the home seems to operate on [...]

A New Color to Try in Your Kitchen & Other Worthy Advice

Decor Tips in 140 Characters or Less

By Eva Recinos As much as we love a minimal room with neutrals, a lot of spaces that inspire us actually use bold colors. When placed just so, even a small splash of bright color can really add liveliness to a room. This week, we noticed quite a few decor tips on how to integrate color into your room's decor. Whether adding a new hue or working with what you've got, [...]

When It Comes to Your Sofa, It's Time to Think Pink

by Kelly Anne Bonner The beauty of a colored sofa is not lost on many. But of a pink one? Now that may need some convincing. For one, several bloggers and style setters alike across the web have been investing in this unique piece. (You could say it's pretty hot right now). For two, whether it's a jewel-toned piece or much closer to a baby pink, this seating arrangement will make a bold statement [...]

How to Design Your Own Fabric—and Why You Should

by Kelly Anne Bonner Fabric is a material that appears in various forms throughout the home. It's what gives a space texture, and provides visual contrast to hard furnishings. It also offers the opportunity to have fun, as it creates a blank canvas for play. Sadly, people rarely do.    Our Chief Designer Mark Cutler knows this all too well, and incorporated printed fabric into one of his latest projects as a way to inject [...]